St George’s University of London

United Kingdom

St George’s University has a longstanding focus on DM and infectious diseases, and a TB trials consortium with international reputation (INTERTB) that can provide advice to the European and the African sites. The institute is leading the economic evaluation Work Package. SGUL is involved in the overall design of the trials, literature reviews and parameterisation for development of the TB-DM mathematical models in Tanzania and Uganda.

The Population Health Research Institute uses routine health statistics, together with the results of health surveys and controlled trials, to measure the burden of disease in communities, to explore causes of ill-health, to inform policies for prevention and to improve the delivery of healthcare.

The institute’s research on the health of populations involves researchers from a wide range of backgrounds, including epidemiologists, statisticians, mental health researchers, nutritionists, social scientists and clinical researchers with backgrounds in primary care, paediatrics, and psychiatry.


Peijue Huangfu

Dr Huangfu is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow who works on a number of epidemiological projects. She has a special interest in Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease epidemiology, has worked on the links between diabetes and tuberculosis, and treatment outcome of diabetes patients with comorbidities. She has also worked on updating Global Air Pollution Guidelines commissioned by […]

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Julia Critchley

Julia Critchley is a Professor of Epidemiology at St. George’s, University of London, with 20 years of experience working in cardiovascular disease and diabetes epidemiology and public health. She holds a PhD in Epidemiology (Oxford University) and Masters in Public Health (University of London). Her research focusses on population health aspects of the association between […]

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