Julia Critchley

Julia Critchley is a Professor of Epidemiology at St. George’s, University of London, with 20 years of experience working in cardiovascular disease and diabetes epidemiology and public health. She holds a PhD in Epidemiology (Oxford University) and Masters in Public Health (University of London).

Her research focusses on population health aspects of the association between common chronic and infectious diseases, such as diabetes (DM) and tuberculosis (TB).

In PROTID she is involved in the overall design and assists with development of CRFs. She contributes to the literature reviews and parameterisation for development of the TB-DM mathematical models in Tanzania and Uganda.

In the previous 4-continent TANDEM project she was involved in the development and evaluation of approaches of screening for DM in TB patients; identifying heterogeneity across different populations, and poorly controlled DM in some sites. She has also investigated the effects of diabetes on infections using primary care, hospitalisation and mortality data from the UK. Using a mathematical model specifically developed to assess both the direct and indirect effects of DM on TB transmission, she and hear colleagues recently estimated that over 30% of TB incidence and 40% of TB mortality could be attributable to DM in countries like India in the future; however improvements in DM control or preventive interventions targeted at people living with DM (such as treatment for latent TB) could significantly ameliorate this burden.