Peijue Huangfu

Dr Huangfu is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow who works on a number of epidemiological projects. She has a special interest in Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease epidemiology, has worked on the links between diabetes and tuberculosis, and treatment outcome of diabetes patients with comorbidities. She has also worked on updating Global Air Pollution Guidelines commissioned by the WHO.

Before joining St George’s in 2015, Dr Huangfu worked as a Researcher in digital behavioural change at Bupa. Dr Huangfu has a PhD in Epidemiology from University College London (UCL), investigating the lifestyle factors related to cardiovascular disease risk factors in four European countries. Before this she obtained an MSc in Epidemiology at UCL, an MBBS in Preventive Medicine and an LLB in Medical Law at Tianjin Medical University, China.

In PROTID she is involved in the literature reviews and parameterisation for development of the TB-DM mathematical models in Tanzania and Uganda