PROTID launched in Uganda


This year’s World Diabetes Day, celebrated on November 14th 2020, was used as an opportunity to launch the PROTID project in Uganda. The team in Uganda decided to launch the project through community engagement activities and a media campaign.


The team visited Kasangati Health Centre IV and Kiruddu National Referral Hospital diabetic clinics. They interacted with the DM clinic staff and patients at the two facilities. Equipment used in the day to day delivery of diabetes care like glucometers, glucometer strips, weighing scales, blood pressure machines and sanitizing equipment, were donated to aid in care for these patients.

In addition, a media campaign was run and two of the members on the Ugandan team (Dr. Irene Andia Biraro and Dr. Sandra Ninsiima). They wrote sensitization articles that were published in The New Vision; a leading Ugandan newspaper. They received a lot of positive feedback from various members of the public about the PROTID clinical trial.

Following the activities above , the Ugandan team is satisfied with both the approach and results of the PROTID launch in Uganda and look forward to the commencement of the clinical trial in January 2021.

Written by Andrew Kyazze