Lubaga Hospital


Uganda Martyrs Hospital Lubaga will be one of the main recruiting sites in Uganda and lead some of the dissemination activities for PROTID.

Uganda Martyrs Hospital Lubaga, formerly called Lubaga Hospital is the second oldest hospital in Uganda, established in 1899 by the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa.

It is a not-for-profit private Catholic Hospital located on the Lubaga hill, Kampala adjacent to the Lubaga Cathedral and has a 237 bed capacity. It is owned by theĀ  Roman Catholic Archdiocese o Kampala and accredited by the Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau.

As a not-for-profit private Catholic hospital, its founding mission is to offer quality and affordable healthcare services to the economically less privileged populace.

The hospital offers primary healthcare services, specialist out-patient medical, surgical and diagnostic services, medical and surgical in-patient services, intensive care services and pastoral services.


Davis Kibirige

Davis Kibirige is an Internist and PROTID co-Principal Investigator for Uganda.

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