King’s College London

United Kingdom

King’s Health Economics unit has extensive experience of trial based analysis and over 25 years of experience in the economic evaluation of trials. The PI is experienced with decision modelling for economic evaluation and has published methodological work on the extrapolation of event data in economic models.

The unit works closely with SGUL in the economic evaluation Work Package.

King’s Health Economics, led by Professor Sarah Byford (Head), Dr Barbara Barrett (Deputy Head) and Dr Mark Pennington (Deputy Head), consists of a team of health economists with expertise in designing and conducting high quality economic evaluations of healthcare programmes and policies that contribute to healthcare policy and practice in the UK and abroad.

King’s Health Economics works with research and clinical teams, local and national government agencies, non-statutory sector and commercial organisations across the UK and in many other countries around the world. The institute has over 25 years of expertise in economic evaluation and works extensively with the clinical trials unit at King’s as well as with other trial units and teams.


Janet Boadu

Janet Boadu is a researcher in health economics and specialises in economic evaluations alongside clinical trials across the world. Janet joined King’s College London in 2017. She has a BSc in Biological Sciences from Nottingham Trent University and an MSc in Health Economics and Health Policy from the University of Birmingham.

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Mark Pennington

Dr. Pennington is a senior lecturer in health economics and deputy head of the King’s Health Economics. He has extensive expertise of undertaking economic evaluation with a specific interest in decision modelling and the extrapolation of event data. He is currently leading the economic analysis of trials in the areas of cancer screening, renal replacement […]

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