Marion Sumari-de Boer

Marion Sumari-de Boer is an epidemiologist and medical anthropologist by profession with a PhD in Medical Sciences from the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. She will be leading the data management for the PROTID trial at KCMC/ KCRI.

Marion Sumari-de Boer has been heading the data management unit of Kilimanjaro Clinical Research Institute (KCRI) since 2010 and as such has led the data management of a number of research projects including several clinical trials. She is a post doc researcher with a focus on digital health tools and social sciences. Currently, Marion holds an EDCTP career development fellowship in which she investigates two digital adherence tools among people living with HIV in a randomized clinical trial. She is also principal investigator of a cluster randomized trial investigating a digital adherence tool among TB patients. Furthermore, she is involved in other EDCTP funded projects as KCRI data manager in PanACEA, data manager in EACCR and communication actor in PAVIA. Marion has a large interest in ethical and fair use of data. In her work as data manager and post doc researcher, she has mentored many junior researchers which is among her biggest passions.