Kajiru Kilonzo

Dr. Kajiru Kilonzo is a practicing physician (Mmed. Internal medicine) and a senior lecturer at KCMC and Kilimanjaro Christan Medical University College.


His early experience in managing the introduction of acute peritoneal dialysis in Kilimanjaro between 2009 and 2012 built his interest in quality improvement. Further ISN training in nephrology (Mphil. Nephrology) provided him with knowledge of opening and improving quality in 5 dialysis units in the northern zone of Tanzania. The high safety requirements of dialysis units enriched his quality improvement interests. Further quality projects included ICT.

The clinical department dr. Kilonzo leads at KCMC implemented and completed an electronic medical record system under support of the management. Other works include Infection prevention and emergency preparedness. He was appointed chair of the quality improvement team of KCMC. Recent research Interests include the quality of diabetic care. Other research interests include metabolic syndrome among Maasai, hypertension, Acute Kidney Injury, Arthritis and chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology.