Lindsey te Brake

Lindsey te Brake is a European Registered Toxicologist specializing in the molecular mechanisms underlying (un)wanted transporter mediated drug-drug interactions and pharmacokinetics and drug-related adverse events of tuberculosis drugs as part of multiple drug therapy in TB patients. For her clinical pharmacokinetic work during her PhD she spent considerable time at Universitas Padjadjaran and Hasan Sadikin hospital in Bandung, Indonesia, an important partner in tuberculosis research for the Radboudumc. One of the studies she coordinated was the drug-drug interaction study between rifampicin and metformin as part of the TANDEM consortium. After finishing her PhD, in January 2017, Lindsey continued her work as postdoctoral researcher, studying potential new and safe drug regimens against tuberculous meningitis, and the general molecular pharmacology of tuberculosis drugs. Furthermore, starting from March 2017, she has been working as clinical trial manager for PanACEA-II, a combined European African clinical trial network focusing on pulmonary tuberculosis drug development.