Hadija Semvua

Dr. Hadija Hamisi Semvua is a Principal Pharmacist at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC), and a Senior lecturer at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College (KCMUCo), Moshi Tanzania. She has worked extensively in many clinical trials at Kilimanjaro Clinical Research Institute-The research center for KCMC. As a pharmacist of record the knowledge of therapeutics and drug management is of paramount importance. She has done different courses on pharmacokinetic, pharmacovigilance, epidermiology and tuberculosis patient care.

Dr. Hadija has also been in active as coordinator of clinical research on going at KCRI. Among these are Simplici TB study, Highrif study and PAVIA project. She is the head of department hence supervises sections of store management, drug dispensing and patient care at GSF pharmacy. She is also supervising master and PhD students at KCMUCo. She is the principal investigator for the two studies, one looking at the effect of diabetic Mellitus on the first line TB drugs and the other is looking on evaluation of high dose rifampicin in children at kilimanjaro Region.

The research exposure and managerial responsibilities have made her gain enough experience in her daily work.

Dr. Hadija is currently the site Pharmacist of record from KCMC, Moshi, Tanzania for the global randomized PROTID trial and her team will lead the Work Package focusing on identifying and addressing the gaps in the preventive and therapeutic management of individuals with DM and combined DM and TB in Uganda and Tanzania.